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USN MCB 6 had it's beginnings when the 6th Naval Construction Battalion was commissioned at Norfolk Virginia on 24 June, 1942.

From the bloody beaches of Guadalcanal to the jungles of Vietnam, MCB-6 has upheld the Seabee motto - "Can Do!" (the difficult was done immediately and the impossible... a bit later!)

The MCB-6 Association was established at our first reunion in Traverse City, MI in 1994.

Since that time the the Association has under taken the task of trying to locate as many men who served in MCB-6 as possible, almost 3,000 men have been contacted to date.

The Association strives to be a conduit for news about members, host reunions, fund worthy causes, perpetuate the history of the Seabees and tell the "story of MCB-6".

Grading in Puerto Rico Tent City "Running water" Tent City

If you would like to help, or just be part of the MCB-6 family again, PLEASE Click Here to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

We have a growing community page on “facebook” with several picture galleries.  Please visit us and feel free to share your MCB 6 memory photos.

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The MCB 6 Association has hosted Reunions about every 18 months since our inception - WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT REUNION!